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9 Chemin du Cry (Route des Pelerins), Chamonix - Tel. +33 (0)4 50 53 20 36 - info@restaurant-impossible.com


Auro Bucci

I am an autodidactic (one of the so many) that when it had the occasion, around 25 years ago, to put on to the stoves, tried a great joy and a great fun in to do him/it so much to feel that that would have been the job of a life.

I began to do respecting him/it my feeling, the values, the traditions, the territory, the teachings.

All of this that was purchased for being turned into the kitchen had (and it now has everything) a great importance. From this the choice of healthy and natural ingredients, coming from cultivations or biological breedings for a sense of respect of the man and the earth.

I elaborate a personal kitchen where I seek the simplicity and the exaltation of the quality' of the ingredients. A kitchen that sets his/her roots in the patrimony of the area of the Mediterranean one. A kitchen that he/she lives inside my great passion for the music and for the cinema.

From some years I teach the natural kitchen and also in this I find a great fun and a continuous enrichment for my job.

After the important working and human experiences effected in the Val Ferret of Courmayeur eccomi to the stoves of the Restaurant "The Impossible" of Chamonix.

A small-great dream that realizes him: the possibility' to be able to work in a biological restaurant, to divulge the knowledge of the natural kitchen and the true one and gourmand cooks Italian.

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